How to query for Solana TPS and build a network health banner

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2 min readMay 1, 2022

Recently, the Solana network has been pretty bad 😕

When building a dapp on Solana, it’s important to let your users know when the network is experiencing issues. Otherwise, people may get sad and confused when their transactions aren’t going through.

How to query for Solana TPS

Luckily, building a banner that warns people about low TPS is quite easy, since Solana’s @solana/web3.js library has a handy function called getRecentPerformanceSamples.

Here’s the code that Formfunction uses to get the average TPS during the last 10 minutes.

We have another function called getSolanaNetworkHealth that calls getRecentAverageTps, and returns an enum representing the network’s health.

Then, on our frontend, we call getSolanaNetworkHealth, and display the relevant banner if necessary.

Final Thoughts

That’s it! Turns out building this is quite easy.

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