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3 min readFeb 20, 2022


gm 🌟 As of this month, Formfunction — the 1/1 Solana NFT marketplace for independent creators — is LIVE! We’re thrilled to bring Formfunction into the world with an amazing group of launch artists.

Too many amazing artists to show in one screenshot; the art in the first row here is by Michael Hafftka, the art in the second row is by CH:LL.

We created Formfunction because we believe that the future of NFTs will be driven by independent artists and creators — illustrators, photographers, musicians, writers — who care deeply about their craft and take a long-term view of their work. Our mission is to support these creators’ journeys and help them make a living with NFTs.

Our goal isn’t just to build an amazing 1/1 art marketplace on Solana — we want to change the way creators make a living, for the better.

Today, to make a livable income, most creatives need to pick up 5–6 different income streams, spend hours each week making content with no guarantee of a return, fret over follower counts, and agonize over losing a social media account that can be taken away at any moment.

We want to return power to artists — to give them true ownership over their work, help them build an audience that can’t be taken away, and make it possible for them to earn a decent living with just 100 true fans.

We’re starting with creating a home for amazing art on Solana, but in the long run we’re building an end-to-end support system for creators who want to make a living with NFTs.

With Solana, we can offer artists a platform with low fees and minimal environmental impact. And by prioritizing simple user experiences, we’re welcoming the next generation of artists to the world of NFTs.

What’s next for Formfunction?

We have so much in store!

For web3 to succeed, independent creators need to be core contributors. We’re on a mission to build a community operated and governed platform — a support system for creators as they work toward a better world. To stay true to this mission, new artist applications will be reviewed and voted on by Formfunction’s community members — so our community will help us decide how our platform grows.

Besides adding additional features to our marketplace (like participation NFTs and the ability to make offers on unlisted pieces), we’re also really excited to build an amazing mobile app. If web3 is the next generation of the internet, we shouldn’t be tied to our desktops at home — our ability to discover (and create) amazing art should go with us, wherever we are.

You can already use Formfunction on Phantom’s dapp browser; we’re working on a standalone mobile app now!

Finally, we’re listening to our community of artists so we can build what’s right for them. We’re moving beyond a purely transactional marketplace, and exploring other ways to support creators who want to make a living with NFTs — whether it’s better insights into how their work is doing on our marketplace, or easier ways to connect with their community of collectors.

To learn more about Formfunction, follow us on Twitter, check out our website, or join our Discord. Let’s build something amazing for independent artists and creators, together! ✨

Finally, thank you to our amazing launch artists. We’re so grateful that you have been part of this journey from day 1. 💕

One piece from each of our genesis artists. See them all at https://formfunction.xyz!



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The 1/1 Solana NFT marketplace, designed for independent creators.